Fighting For Your Life Inside a Killer Thriller!

October 31, 2015By Nati

“La Mecánica Popular takes to the night for a much anticipated follow-up to their critically acclaimed, self-titled album. This special edition single features a natural modification of their signature psychedelic style – a time capsule of 1970s Afro-Peruvian roots gone American Rock & Soul. Noche Triler (Thriller) takes the form of an uptempo instrumental stunner, … Read More

Soundfriend Pick: Cross Island Convo

October 29, 2015By Nati

Have you checked out Soundfriend yet? It’s a blog that asks music leaders from across the world what they are listening to. I think it’s a great idea and way to learn how arts gets amplified and programmed by the folks working directly in the field. Head over to their website and get all sorts … Read More

Much love to the DIASPORADICAL…

October 25, 2015By Nati

#NowReading Journey Out Of Syrian War Zone; Refugees Land In Bay Area The best course I ever took at Colgate University​ was a class on Refugees. We used to go once a week to Utica, New York – a hub for the recently arrived from Serbia to Liberia to Burma – and teach English, immersion, … Read More

Time Being: Radio Coyote & The Genie

October 20, 2015By Nati

“Staring at the moon from my spaceship…” – DUCKWRTH Yo, so in case you missed it, my Bay Area live music bestie, Sweet Jesus invited me to be his co-host on SF Weekly‘s “Best Local Internet Radio Station” aka Radio Valencia on Fridays from 2 – 4 PM PST. Our show is called Radio Coyote: Smuggling #DIASPORADICAL sounds across … Read More

Hispanic Causin’ Panic

October 12, 2015By Nati

It’s the 25th anniversary of the release of Kid Frost‘s anthemic, “La Raza“! Adrian Quesada, lauded producer and bandleader of Austin band Brownout, put together this tribute. Via NPR Music: “Kid Frost is a bit of a pioneer in Latin rap, and his 1990 track “La Raza” is also a ground breaking track, sampling the … Read More

Creando Conciencia Con Chicano Batman

October 11, 2015By Nati

(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times) “It’s modernity. We come through history. Music history is the history of economics, of sociology, of all those things. Now is the time when everything is uniting. People are seeing things for what they are, not for what they have been taught they are, you know what I’m saying?” – … Read More

Future Roots: Cuba’s Manana Festival

October 5, 2015By Nati

“In Cuba, we hit our chest twice over our heart, that’s Manana.“ Manana Festival heads to Cuba for 2016 via Resident Advisor Today, the Kickstarter campaign launched for Cuba’s Manana Festival. Tickets can only be bought through the campaign and are $129 for the first 50 supporters. I’ll be spreading the word in the States, so learn about this … Read More

Aye Aguántate: Chico Mann on Radio Coyote

September 25, 2015By Nati

“I can tell you wholeheartedly that doing that creative work is one of my greatest joys. I love to discover aspects of this musical landscape that I’ve kind of encountered in my life. And I want to just keep discovering these landscapes and textures. It’s the whole idea of what could’ve been and now is.“ … Read More

Sound of The Underground

September 21, 2015By Nati

Nani Castle makes me want to rap. This collab is a longtime in the making from College-age homegirls Nire, Maluca & Nani Castle for the NYC-shot video “Commie Mommie” – featured on VICE‘s THUMP, Mass Appeal and more! Lotta strong feminine energy on Nire’s ‪‎Radika‬ & Nani’s on more than a few tracks! Video by Lil Internet & Lil Government ✔ Watch and share! Because:

Felt The Burn, Ignited The Yearn

September 14, 2015By Nati

Make sure to follow GLOBAL LOCAL for examples of grassrooted-community activations from the Sol/Soul!!!!!!! Never forget, Local is global! Photo by Jay Worldpeace. Last year, I had such a complex, yet “magical” first-time at Burning Man. With so many dynamics going on, I haven’t been able to quite articulate the experience still, a year later. I won’t … Read More