“The heart learns what the hands do…”

January 28, 2017By conrazon

Image via The 80% Alliance Here we are and here we’ll stay. Many are awakening to the harsh reality which has slowly been put in place throughout the last few decades (act like you know). Many have been working to build new systems and propose fresh ideas to a deafening status-quo for far too long. Well … Read More

Thank you 2016!

December 31, 2016By conrazon

What an awesome 2016! Thank you for the following projects, festivals and creators who trust conrazón to support their projects. Placements include The New York Times, PRI International, Afropop Worldwide, NY1, Los Angeles Times, Bitch Media, Salon, Spark Mag, La Liga Zine, The FADER, Mask Magazine, Racked, Noisey Colombia, RBMA Radio Panamérika, KEXP, Remezcla and many more. Click the links for highlight placement for the following projects: Dayme Arocena … Read More

El Bles – I Am Latin Soul EP In Remezcla!

September 1, 2016By conrazon

Puerto Rican producer Eli Omar Rios (aka El Bles) didn’t expect inspiration to come in the form of a YouTube upload. Yet one six-minute video ended up deciding the fate of his new EP I Am Latin Soul.  The Orlando-based artist was up late one night, googling videos of his father’s band Clave Tres. The Afro-Caribbean conjunto was … Read More

#NP Colombians in New York City

August 24, 2016By conrazon

Bulla en El Barrio @ Afro-Latino Festival of New York 2016 by ©AilynRobles There’s Colombians in New York City and there’s New Yorkers born to Colombian parents – are they ultimately the same? I’m of the latter and half that with a Cuban mother, so it’s something I think about everyday. Do both groups meld into one … Read More